Mentoring Sessions

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I am so happy you are here!

My goal is to help you grow into the kick ass entrepreneur you’re meant to be - because GIRL you ROCK! - Jenn

I’ve always been passionate about sharing what I have learned over the years and I am super excited to help others grow in the passion that makes their heart beat the Fastest!

I want to see fellow boss babes find their passion - their voice, to grow + have the opportunities to become that kick-ass entrepreneur #bossbabe they are meant to be!

Helping others in this industry means the world to me. We are a community of co-workers, friends + supporters, who help Each other when we need it the most, when we are stuck and just have the support to say YOU GO GIRL! YOU'VE GOT THIS!

I SEE YOU! I’ve been there, struggled to Find my voice and see my worth, my style, to wonder if i needed to get a 2nd job to survive and keep this career path going - I SEE YOU AND I WANT TO SEE YOU SUCCEED! If it wasn't for this amazing photographer community behind me, the women who have helped lift me up + shape me, for the time + investment I put into myself to learn + grow as an individual and in my business I would have never seen the changes that I have seen in the last couple years. YOU are worth investing in yourself and your business and I would be honoured to help guide you on your journey.

i want to be there to support you on this path as a photographer/boss babe/entrepreneur. I am all about supporting the women that come into my life and helping them become the best they can be!
So…. Are you ready?!


3 Consecutive Months - One-on-One - $1400

  • These sessions will be on- on-one with 3 hours per month over 3 consecutive months.  Whether you are new to the industry and want to grow your new business and learn the ropes or have been here for awhile but are needing that boost to grow your kick ass business - I will help tailor this experience to you! 

    • Help you discover your why & voice in this business - branding etc. 

    • Hands on assignments with shooting, personal growth & business

    • Topics; Workflow, Editing, Finding your Style, Interacting with your clients; building that relationship and more

    • A mini shoot with models - we will focus on shooting, directing & prompts, lighting - getting those fun, emotive candid images that we all love!

    • YOU get a turn in front of my camera! I’ll capture some images of you so you can use them towards your brand right away!

    • If you choose - a chance to 2nd shoot a wedding with me*

    • Got a friend in the industry that wants to grow along side you?! - save 10% when you both sign up for the same program (Max 2 students)

    • Payment Plan available*

    May - July

    June - August

    July - September

Full Day - 6 hours - $1000

This is a hands on, one-on-one, full day of learning, great for experienced photographers in Saskatchewan

  • Mini Shoot - we will have a shoot with models where we will focus on shooting, directing, prompts, lighting - I want you to learn how to get those fun, candid emotive photographs of couples. Let the fun begin

  • You will get a turn in front of my camera to get some images to take home and use towards your brand right away!

  • After shoot bevy’s and food

  • Let’s talk workflow, editing, finding your style and feeling your passion.

  • Business (pricing, taxes, etc whatever you need)

*I travel between Vancouver Island 1-2x a year, so if you’re from beautiful BC and would love to learn from me, let’s chat and see if we can book you in while I’m there!



2 hour Q&A - FaceTime or in-person - $550

Need some one on one advice about your business? Got questions, I've got answers and would LOVE to help you out!!! Let’s sit down over coffee and talk about you and your business - some topics include but are not limited to…

  • Portfolio/Website critiquing

  • Workflow

  • Business

  • Booking ideal clients

  • Marketing

  • Pricing

  • Taxes

  • Software

  • Editing

Interested in a photography mentor session? Message me and let’s kick your passion into overdrive

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social media, client communication, workflow, critiquing, business, directing for emotion/connection, editing, etc.
Instagram, Facebook, photographer friend, etc.