I do... it all over again with you sessions

These sessions are all about love... YOUR love that you hold for one another.
Maybe you didn't have a wedding photographer at your wedding - it wasn't in the budget

Maybe you want to get those more daring romantic images - trash that dress a little or you want to celebrate your 2nd, 10th or 30th wedding anniversary!!

dust off that wedding dress if you want or let's plan a styled session to celebrate you!

This is the ultimate date night - a chance for you to forget about the day to day, enjoy an evening together and just love on one another.

My goal as your photographer: Have you connect, love deeper and just have fun - I will guide you through the session and create some beautiful images for you to look back on for years to come... to share for generations who you were at his moment in time.



"Andrew and I first met 15 years ago (in a bar no less) and now, two dogs and three kids later, we were about to celebrate 10 years of marriage. Ten years is a long time, we have been through so much together, sharing moments of pure joy and extreme sorrow. How do we celebrate such an achievement? We talked trips and dinners but nothing really hit home. So when we saw the idea of getting our wedding photos again, we thought why not? I mean really, who does that, and can I actually find my dress that has been packed away for so long? Well, we did it, and it was an amazing evening that we will never forget. It was the perfect way to reconnect with each other and once again feel the excitement, nervousness and love for each other all over again. No distractions, no kids yelling in the background or incessant work calls. Just a perfect summer evening focused on each other, reminiscing about special events like the births of our daughters and how our lives have changed and evolved through the years." - Jenn & Andrew