A workshop for Photographers in the heart of the canadian prairies

Do you crave those raw & real emotion filled images of couples but don’t know where to begin and no matter how much you try you still find your couples are still stiff and looking awkward.. I totally feel ya, I was right there once too!

I want YOU to feel confident in working with your couples, to feel inspired and enjoy what you’re shooting and to fuel your passion as a photographer.

I will be hosting a 6+ hour workshop in Saskatoon, SK, learn tips and tricks on how to market to your ideal clients, I’ll chat about client workflow start to finish and creating that connection with your couples.

We’ll have a chance to photograph a couple; where I will show you how I direct for emotion & movement to get those real candid moments. Then you’ll each have a turn directing the couple for those emotion filled images for your portfolio.

In a nut shell, this workshop is for photographers who want to focus on getting those real connected and intimate images of their couples. To step away from the perfectly posed to movement and emotion filled fun. An intimate workshop with no more than 5 attendees so you can have a more one on one learning experience with me, a chance to ask all the questions and direct the couple yourself.

I want you to leave feeling inspired, confident and with the tools to keep growing your amazing photography business!

Remember this is a workshop and only so much can be taught in the amount of time we have - if you’d prefer a One on One mentor session - please get in touch!

A peek at our day

  • 2:00pm Introductions

  • Branding - our why as photographers

  • Pricing - Cost of doing business

  • How to use prompts and direct for emotion filled images

  • You’ll each get a one on one turn with the couple

  • Couple’s Session (2) - 4:00pm - 6:00pm

  • During the couples session I’ll also offer head shots for anyone who wants

  • 6:30-9:00pm - Food + Editing - Q+A and getting to know one another more!


”I struggled for years finding my why as a photographer, I never enjoyed those perfectly posed Pinterest photos; I always knew deep down that I wanted more for my couples, to give them an experience and not just another pose and say cheese type of photo. When I finally found I loved getting my couples to connect at their photo sessions, I also found I was still getting stiff + awkward “poses” - I just wasn’t achieving those images that I really wanted just yet.

After a year of learning + shooting different couples I finally had it all click, I was finally happy with my style as a photographer and I finally was achieving what I wanted to give my clients - an experience, for them to really connect through mind, body & soul.

I’ve experienced full on belly laughter with clients to tears of joy - I’m not joking when I say I’ve even cried at some of these photo sessions - each couple is different and not every shoot is going to be the same and I want to help you have the tools in helping your couples break free from the stiff + awkward “where do I put my hands” kind of poses.

This 6 hour workshop will be small and intimate - no more than 5 attending. This will give you a chance to ask questions, get more one on one with me and shoot the couple on your own for your portfolio. I don’t want you to get lost in the crowd; I want you to shine!

We will start with a classroom setting - I’ll talk about workflow and even do some editing after the shoot! so bring that laptop

I will demonstrate how I direct my couples and show you how to use prompts - you’ll get a turn to photograph the couple on your own for your portfolio and ask any questions you may need while doing so.

This emotive filled style is really the heart and soul of my photography style & business and I can’t wait to share with you what I do as a photographer. “ - Jenn