Diehl Studios is a place where I love to showcase not only my beautiful couples I photograph but the amazing people I meet through my career and love of photography.  From photographing families to creating works of art, the freedom to create is endless! 



Lifestyle Family Sessions

Do you photograph families?  Yes I sure do! Even though couples and weddings are my main focus through Ensoul & Endearment Imagery, I do offer family lifestyle sessions through the year along with my mini sessions in the late summer & early fall. 

My lifestyle sessions start at $400 plus tax.  You'll receive a consultation for your session, tips on what to wear and help choosing a location that suits your vision.  Your session time is 1 hour on location.  Final images are then delivered via an online gallery within 2 weeks from your session date. 

Because I cherish the tangible and I want to make sure my clients receive not only digital files but also prints too, my starting price comes with a satchel containing twenty 4x6 fine art Giclee prints of your choice.  Prints to hold and pass down through generations. 

Head Shot Marathons

Just this past year, I decided to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone.  I started up head shot marathons in June and LOVED every second of it.  I met some amazing Women and Men from Saskatoon and area.  From all walks of life and business.  I was able to create beautiful images in a natural environment to help showcase each persons personality.  I will continue to host this sessions in the summer months so make sure to stay tuned for marathon announcements. 

Branding Sessions:

Another service I have started to offer is branding sessions for creative, entrepreneurial women.   I want to be able to make each individuals energy shine through in their images for the social media feeds when they introduce themselves to the world! 

I want to make sure each image shows who you are inside. 

As a creative, I find it can be a lonely career.  Yes, you're surrounded by family and are constantly meeting new clients, however we spend countless hours running our business, chatting with clients, designing our website, running social media, being the accountant.. the list goes on, oh yeah for a photographer that means EDITING thousands of photos a year.  Over the past few years I've personally have been seeking more connection in the creative community.  It is refreshing to say that there are others that can be just a silly, crazy and down right awkward like me and it is SO AMAZING to meet and make these new connections with such amazing women in our creative community.  Being able to help these wonderful women create images for their brand is truly inspirational and really so positive!  I am so happy that I have found this new passion in my line of work! 

If you are a photographer looking for some guidance, mentoring or just someone to have coffee with, seriously send me a message today!!! From near and far I love connecting with others in this industry!

Collaborations are my jam too.. got an idea and you'd like to work with me, let's get in touch!


As I evolve as a artist and photographer, Diehl Studios will evolve as well.  My goal as a photographer is to one day have a "home" for my business, a place where I can create, enjoy the company of other creatives and help our creative community thrive.  As I continue to plan and dream, I really hope one day to make it come to life and further my career as a photographer and in the wedding industry.

Near future goals are to mentor other photographers and host a workshop - so many ideas are flowing!